We take vehicles under many conditions


Physical or Mechanical Issues

A vehicle that’s suffered extensive physical damage or mechanical issues can be frustrating, stressful, complicated and expensive to fix. Why waste time and money putting your energy into fixing up a car that may still give you problems down the line?
Whether your car was in an accident, or doesn’t run due to a mechanical problem, turn your unusable car into cash. Cash4YourJunkCar will make you the highest cash offer possible so you can put your energy towards a new vehicle instead of wasting your time dealers and garages.

Wrecked Cars


Did you know that most vehicle owners have the right to salvage their own totaled or wrecked vehicle instead of going through insurance? So why have your insurance company assign your totaled vehicle a low salvage value, when Cash4YourJunkCar can often pay you a higher amount directly and get you the cash you need now!
You get a higher cash payout, and we know how to handle wrecked cars better than other companies out there. This way everybody wins.



Flood Damage

car flood.jpg

Whether from a hurricane, river swelling, or otherwise, even a little water exposure to your vehicle’s internal mechanical/electrical components can cause serious damage. So much so that even a repaired car with a history of water damage can be difficult to sell.
Cash4YourJunkCar makes it easy, as we can make you a cash offer that covers your deductible and more – even if your insurance company declares your vehicle a total loss due to water damage.


While most companies won’t accept vehicles without a Title, Cash4YourJunkCar often can and will as long as you have a valid driver’s license and copy of your registration (which can easily be obtained from your local DMV if you don’t have it, go to
Either way, don’t worry – our specialists will make the highest cash offer possible for your old vehicle regardless of the situation with your Title.



Box Trucks

Cash4YourJunkCar works with both individuals and businesses, so regardless of why you want to get rid of your commercial truck, we have the expertise necessary to get you a top dollar cash payout. It can be a tough, expensive process if you don’t work with the right vendor, so whether you have one box truck or a whole fleet, we can take trucks of any size off your hands. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and get cash for your old truck regardless of its condition.

Pick Ups


Cash4YourJunkCar specializes in all types of junk cars, but maintains a focus on SUV’s and Pick-ups because we have the expertise necessary to analyze these bigger vehicles. We know that even if your larger vehicle is a total loss and only worth its steel weight, it can be worth more than a lighter car.
Unlike other companies, we don’t try to hide this fact from our customers, so you can be confident you’ll get the largest cash offer possible for your old SUV or pick-up truck from Cash4YourJunkCar.