about us

We are based in New Windsor, NY.  We buy cars no matter what their make, model, or condition. Whether you have an eight year old BMW that runs fine, or a fifteen year old jalopy leaking oil on your driveway, we will quickly make you a cash offer for your car. With decades of experience in the used vehicle, parts, and auto/steel recycling markets, we can offer you the most for your vehicle.

If you are looking to sell a junk car , whether it is perfectly serviceable or absolute junk, we are a professional car buyer that makes it faster and easier than you ever thought possible to sell a vehicle. All of our towers are licensed and bonded and we can usually pick up vehicles within 24-48 hours.

We can also arrange for night and weekend pick-ups if necessary.

Unlike some of our competitors, our service to remove vehicles of all shapes and sizes is 100% FREE!  And since we also offer cash for junk cars and vehicles, we are much more than a junk car removal company. Most of these removal companies simply offer free towing, and then sell junk cars to scrap metal dealers for a profit. But as a junk yard specializing in scrap metal, we are the end users of these junk cars. We 100% recycle all cars according to environmental regulations at our junk yard or sell the used parts.

The result is that we can offer free junk car removal, AND the largest cash offer possible GUARANTEED!!

 Reach us via phone at 800-789-8162. our auto salvage yard can get you cash NOW!